Monday, August 27, 2007

Casting Stones

Once upon a time the Giants used to toy with the Rockies at Corporate Naming Rights Park. Once upon a time really good looking chicks used to give me the come hither look too. Things change. Now the Rockies think they are pretty good and they know the Giants aren't. They are bold enough to take a whiz on home plate and claim it as their turf. This is distressing. It's like this whole Justin Timberlake thing. It doesn't make any sense.

The Rockies have never been the least bit helpful before. They don't appear to serve any purpose this year other than as a crushing reminder that the Giants sit 10 games behind them in the standings. Next they will be telling me they found David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen playing Canasta at the home and convinced them the world needs another tour. That can't happen, can it? 50 year old rock stars, 40 year old ballplayers? When are they baby boomers going to realize they are now the aging hipster, declining relevance, middle aged boomers. You don't think Barry Bonds appreciates all those non taxing walks? We all do, man..

So what were we talking about? Oh yes, the upstart Rockies with their silly looking black biker vest unis. That is not a good look. There is a pseudo Oakland Raiders vibe in those jerseys, though in a vastly less threatening and more wholesome way. Maybe you won't get knifed in the stands but the Rockies will still find a way to kill the Giants every chance they get. It's an ugly tale with a sinister plot and it festers still. Sadly, there is no equitable revenge to be realized here. The Rockies aren't going to the post season so sweeping them even farther out of the race will not balance the karmic scales. As if anything could.....

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drd said...

Hopefully we can reverse the roles and indeed punish the Rockless ones out of the playoff race this week.