Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Young Turks

If I justed wanted to hang out, slug back a few brews and sneak around with strippers, I think guys like Aurillia, Roberts and Durham would be great company. They seem like nice guys and, like me, they have certainly put in a number of years breathing air. Do I want to watch them play baseball? I would have to say no. It's not as if I am a complete creepo trying to deprive them of their dreams. They have enjoyed long careers and have millions of bucks in the bank.

This pretty much parallels what I have here at EMS. As crafty as I have been climbing the corporate ladder to the penthouse office of Strawman Towers, I also realize that the day to day leg work of irresponsible journalism is a job for younger limbs. I don't like my young serfs any more than Bochy likes Kevin Frandsen but I do understand their value. They are cheap and energetic and I can always blame them for dumb decisions I make. What could be better?

I long ago purged the good clubhouse guys and replaced them with hungry young sharks who live only to serve my needs. Sure, the old dudes always have to wash their hair when I call them up for golf but I don't have to explain their bloated contracts to the missus either.

Our motto here is "Younger, Faster and Healthier." I don't really believe any of that crap. I am, however, quite enamored with cheaper.

Sabes and Boch are my age. It's never easy to teach old dogs new tricks. I resist change as much as the next Neanderthal. But if I can have some sort of epiphany then so can they. Hire some young players under 30. They have far more nubile and less jaded strippers in their posse. It just makes sense.


Shawon said...

I've recently moved from Chicago and whenever I saw the Giants play they always gave off the vibe of an old team, which they are. I hope to see them go young cause right now I'm cheering for the A's. I'm a Cub fan, it only makes sense that I'd cheer for the rich, classic team with a great stadium.

Dave said...

Thanks for reading. I hope the Giants do get some young players and turn this mess around. Anything to break you of the A's habit has to be a good thing.:)

johnfromnj said...

reno- I never called you two-faced or anal. I believe you repeat yourself in a major way on the New Cafe because I read ALL of your posts. I called you flippant because you had REPEATEDLY told us not to take you seriously. You have my word that I will never post a comment about you again on the New Cafe and I will nerve post on this site again. Did you really mean it when you asked me to get back on the board after my character was attacked by another poster? Sorry to soil your sacred ground with this, but anything I post on the New Cafe will just add to your martyrdom status.

Dave said...

John I wasn't upset with anything you posted. I was just riffing along like I always do. You have never said anything that hurt my feelings or made me angry in any way.